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i Tan Pro

Introducing the iTan Pro, we have designed and manufactured this amazing machine to meet the needs of all spray tanners. It offers the power of HVLP spraying, utilising the latest green motors, with the practicality of being able to be wall mounted, with its built in hose caddy you can now keep your spray tanning room nice and clean with no messy hoses laying around.

Features of iTan Pro:

  • Light Weight.
  • Hose Caddy
  • Latest green motor ( great for environment)
  • Gun Holder for Deluxe Gun
  • Single Speed function (no more speed settings)
  • Detachable feet that can be connected to back as a mounting wall bracket.
  • New Light Weight Flex hosing
  • The M series gun or Viper Gun

The Black Magic Tan pop up spray tan tent is made from the highest quality materials. Featuring a clear window on the top 1/3rd of the tent you will experience improved access to natural lighting while protecting your environment. With a purpose built opening at the back of the tent to accommodate our portable extraction unit, it can also be folded down when not in use to maximise your space.

• Dimensions: Height: 214cm Width: 90cm Depth: 70cm

• Weight: 3 kg

• Colour: Black






Say goodbye to over-spray and enjoy dramatically improved air quality with your new Portable, TanVac Extraction Fan.


• Professional Grade Extraction

• Extraction Rate – 1900 M3/Hour

• Highly Efficient Centrifugal Motor

• Strong, light weight plastic housing

• Washable Multi Layer Filters

• Quick Release Front Panel

• Circuit Breaker

• Automatic Shut-Off Safety Feature

• 2 Operational Speeds

• 2.5 metre Power Cord

• Fingertip Control

• Portable

• Easy Clean

• Easy grip handle


• Weight: 6.5kg

• Height 46 cm

• Width: 40 cm

• Depth: 18cm



Black Magic Tan Learn solution was created to enable professional training of students or therapists wishing to refresh their technique. Learn delivers the same look, feel and finish of a spray tan without the DHA. Students can apply multiple coats on their model(s) without fear of leaving model(s) with a bad tan for days after training has been completed. Learn is Infused with Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extracts and won’t leave your skin feeling dry.



Black Magic Tan Prep – Rebalancing Body Primer Black Magic Tan Prep is a body primer designed to rebalance the pH levels of the skin, lock in moisture, and minimises pores. pH stands for “potential hydrogen” and is used to describe the acid-alkaline ratio of a substance, which ranges from 0 (the most acidic) to 14 (the most alkaline).



Black Magic Tan Lock is the ultimate finishing treatment. Lock In Colour, Hydrate & Moisturise. Tan Lock hydrates and moisturises the skin while locking in your colour guide. It also serves to minimise any smudging of your new Black Magic Tan during development time making it a “must have” addition for all tanning technicians.



Sticky Soles pack of 25 pairs



Keep hair out of your clients face, Disposable Hair Nets sold in packs of 100



Individually wrapped disposable G-Strings.

• Protect client’s personal underwear

• One size fits all

Please note: The colour of the G-Strings may vary between black and white.



FINISHING TOUCH BLENDING BRUSH Every aspect of the professional spray tan application is important, from prepping the skin for improved pH balance, choosing the right product to enhance the skin to locking in the tan and moisturising for longer lasting results – these small additions to a spray tan application make it a beauty experience that has clients coming back for more. Our FINISHING TOUCH BRUSH is no exception so it’s a MUST HAVE in your tool kit.



Black Magic’s Barrier cream is a soft hydrating solution that is to be used in common areas that DHA or tan clings too leaving a nice even tan. Barrier cream is a very light weight, high grade, soft and refreshing moisturiser that is perfect for the professional tanning technician. It is perfect for competitors to help hydrate their dry skin and also make the removal of competition colour easier.



Client record cards sold in packs of 50 Offering you all the right questions you need to ask your clients prior to receiving a spray tan, with tanning record information on the rear. Every professional tanner needs these.



These Client Care Brochures are available in lots of 100. Give your customer all the info they need for their tan, how to prepare and how to look after their tan. On the back of these brochures there is a section that allows you to put your business details. These Brochures are available to customers who purchase Black Magic Products ONLY



Offering your client the right advice on what product they need to wear is made easier using the BM colour guide, offering you the wide range of Black Magic products with a skin colour selection. Some clients ask that they would like to go darker than they possibly should, with this quick reference you are able to ascertain their true skin type and then help select the best product for them to be sprayed with. Covers the whole range of Black Magic colours to ensure that you give the best advice to your clients.  


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