8 Hour Premium 125ml Sample


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125ml sample Black Magic 8 Hour Regular has been designed for someone looking for a natural sun kissed look. 8 Hour Regular will leave your skin feeling soft and invigorating, from the amazing bases of Aloe Vera and Green Tea. Black Magic 8 Hour Regular has been designed for all skin types Light Medium or dark, which has the highest grade DHA available on the market, by using a pharmaceutical grade 100% ECO Certified DHA you can be assured of a perfect tan with every application. It’s as simple as applying a little less solution for a lighter skin tone and a little more for an olive skin tone. It will leave you with a much deeper longer last tan than most 2 hour tans on the market. Who is it Ideal for?

Brides, grooms & bridal party members wanting a natural glow
For all skin types, but mainly A and B as they have skin that is fair or burns easily. Apply a light coat for lighter skin tones, and a heavier coat for darker skin tones.
For darker colour, apply a second light coat.

Key Features:

Contains 11% DHA
100% Eco Certified DHA, Botanical Erythrulose
Made In Australia
Deep colour
Long lasting 7 – 10 days
Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties in the DHA Rapid
Antioxidants delivered from Green Tea Extract and Aloe Vera which also help to moisturise and maintain healthy skin.
Fragrance Free
Dries superfast on your skin
Will fade evenly like a natural tan
20 tans per litre when using a Black Magic Spray tanning machine
DEA, Paraben and Propylene Glyco Free

Bronzer: Green Based solution, Very light in colour, requires good lighting, Multiple coats not required for natural looking colour. Size: 125ml

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